OG Whatsapp APK Download

OG Whatsapp APK Download

Welcome to OGWhats.cc, OG WhatsApp Pro APK is a modified version of the famous messaging app, which gives its users a simple, functional, and secure messaging service.

Version: v17.60 Size: 70MB

What is OG Whatsapp Pro APK?

OG WhatsApp Pro APK is a modified version of the famous messaging app, which gives its users a simple, functional, and secure messaging service.

By using this APK app the users can keep their privacy concerns to restrict their Whatsapp statuses, profile pictures, and chatting. From an ad-free experience to maximum security, you can get it all.

OG Whatsapp APK
OG Whatsapp Pro APK Download

This incredible app has many amazing features which make it better than the original app itself.

If you have previously used the original WhatsApp, you will see a notable difference in the performance of both apps.

OG WhatsApp apk, though created by an unofficial developer, provides a much better and safe experience as compared to the original one.

OG WhatsApp Pro APK Download Overview:

OG WhatsApp pro app is one of the many mode versions of the famous WhatsApp app but ranks as one of the best ones.

OGWhatsapp provides you with complete privacy with an easy user interface.

og whatsapp
Application NameOG WhatsApp Apk
Android Requires4.4+
Size70 MB
License TypeFreeware
Last Updated1 Days Ago

Features of OG WhatsApp Pro APK:

Online/offline mark:

with every contact saved in your OG WhatsApp Pro apk, there will appear a dot signifying that the contact is online. When the dot disappears, it means that the user is offline. This helpful feature always comes in handy and elevates the application to a whole new level.

Protect your highlights:

In the OG WhatsApp Pro app, you can hide your online status and profile picture from specific contacts saved on your device.

Schedule your messages:

Do you keep forgetting that you have to text someone back at a specific time? OG Whatsapp official version has the perfect solution for you. You can schedule your messages beforehand so that they can be sent at the desired time.

The best part is that you don’t even have to do anything to send the message, so go about your day stress-free.

OG Whatsapp Features

Anti-Ban app:

usually, when you download an apk version, there is a risk of getting banned from the original WhatsApp application. This issue has been resolved by the OG WhatsApp apk pure developers for the ease of all users.

Download the OGWhatsApp apk for free without risking getting banned from the official application. Soak up the benefits of both apps with maximum protection and security.

Upload statuses & stories:

Download any GIFs, videos, or images and upload them as your status in OG WhatsApp Pro apk. There are no limitations when it comes to uploading a story or status in this application, so share any information that you want with no issues.

Call/message unsaved contacts:

Forget to save any of your contacts? No problem! You can still call or message any number in the OG WhatsApp apk as long as it is valid.

Group chatting made it more fun:

OG WhatsApp apk allows you to have a group name exceeding 35 characters. So have fun in all your group chats and share various pictures or videos with friends!

Block any suspicious contacts:

If you are getting any unwanted messages or want to block a contact, you can easily do so in the OG WhatsApp apk latest version. Protect your account and stay safe from anyone who is trying to harm you.

Send up to 100 pictures at once:

in the original WhatsApp application, you can only send 30 images at once, but things are much better with the OGWhatsApp latest version. You can share more than 90 images at once and save loads of time and energy.

Delete sent messages:

Accidentally sending messages to the wrong people is a universal problem. But there is no need to worry as OGWhatsApp apk has come up with the perfect solution.

You can unsend any unwanted messages and save yourself from trouble or confusion.

Copy your friends’ statuses:

if you like your friend’s statuses or stories, you can copy them to your clipboard if you have the OG WhatsApp apk downloaded.

Reason to choose OG Whatsapp app:

  • A clean and straightforward messaging service
  • high security and reliability
  • Advanced privacy protection
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Anti-ban apk
  • A free, secure, and solid administration
  • Communication made easier.
  • Customize your privacy settings and restrict people from seeing your highlights.
  • All bugs have been fixed.
  • Send more than 90 images instead of 30 at once!
  • Hide notifications so that you do not get disturbed.
  • Send files, videos, audio, and photos of a larger size.
  • New advanced emojis

Alterntive apps of OG Whatsapp:

  • GB Whatsapp
  • Whatsapp Plus
  • YoWhatsapp
  • FM Whatsapp
  • And many more.

Download OG Whatsapp Original Version 2024

OGWhatsApp is a modified version of the famous messaging app, which gives its users a simple, functional, and secure messaging service.

To download the original version of OG WhatsApp Pro Apk, you download & install the apk file provided on our website by below download page button.

How to Download & Install OG WhatsApp on Android device?

The major problem users are generally facing while downloading this Apk on their devices is that it is not available in the Google Apps library.

So, to download the latest OG WhatsApp Apk, you download & install the apk file provided by our website by the above download button.

So let’s start step by Step process After the download is completed.

Step 1: Now go to the Setting of your device and Enable “unknown sources” to download files on your device.

Step 2: You must now open the downloads folder, or whichever folder you saved the apk file in

Step 3: Click on the OGWhatsApp Apk file which you downloaded earlier.

Step 4: Click to Install the apk on your device and wait for the completion of the process.

Step 5: Once installation is done, go to file manager & click to open the Apk.

Done, The app has been successfully installed 🙂

For restoring the backup, Select the WhatsApp copy data option to copy all your backed-up data from the original app.

You can now start using the OG WhatsApp application on your Android device without any issues!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be unable to use the official version of WhatsApp?

The developers of the apk version have updated the app so that you can never be banned or blocked from the original WhatsApp application.

How can we unsend any messages?

  • Long press the message that you would like to not send
  • Select the delete option from the top bar
  • Now select “delete for everyone” or “not send” in the dropdown menu
  • Your message has been unsent

Final Verdict:

Now that you know all about the incredible OG WhatsApp apk, you might have understood just how awesome it is. This app is undoubtedly much better than the original one, with new and advanced features to provide a fantastic user experience.

OGWhatsApp pro has free access to all the extra features, easy and free to download. Keep your privacy protected and stay safe with the help of this app. We highly recommend it and ensure that it will be the best addition to your phone!